[GamesCom] Exclusive video presentation of Black Prophecy



During the GamesCom, We sat down to talk about Black Prophecy with Dennis Hartmann, PR manager of Gamigo. In an exclusive and personal presentation, he showed us the game and explained us the main features. We have been talking about the crafting system, the digital store, modules, gameplay and pvp. Taking his words, the game will be on open beta at November. Reakktor is working hard in its development and it looks amazing.

Take a taste of Black Prophecy through our filmed videos in HD, through our new channel. In the first one, Dennis showed us the character creation and the first minutes in-game. The possibilities to change the look of your avatar are vast. The OST is spectacular. And the gameplay is pretty smooth and addictive. Just one word to define Black Prophecy: haunting.

The second video highlights the arrive to the Spire Station with our first ship and the navigation tutorial through an asteroid field. The game makes you feel like if you really would be in the outspace. The asteroid field is undescriptible: look the reflexion of the lasers in the asteroids. The controls seem easy but they aren't; specially in combat when a target is approaching to your position.

And the third and the last video, features a deep conversation about modules, crafting and skills. Also, a level 30 character in combat action, at the pvevp sector; high-quality gameplay. The modules system is very versatile. You can choose to be a heavy and powerful ship or a light and faster ship. There are many different modules for weapons, shields, engines... It will be an important decision because your gameplay style will change depending on your space ship. For example, as a heavy ship, your maneuvers will be extremly slow. But with a light ship you could jump into a loop and escape. Depending on your skills, you unlock new maneuvers to use, like speed-boost, combos or loops. Talking about crafting, Dennis told us that all depends on blueprints and materials. If you fail your crafting process, you will loose everything. But to avoid this, there will be a safe crafting kind of item available in the digital store. In the other hand, you can earn a critical result and get an incredible module. You won't find the best weapon, the best engine or the best shield on the digital store because the don't want to affect the balance of the game.

Check here all you need to know about Black Prophecy. And visit its official website.

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