[GamesCom] DC Universe Online exclusive video presentation

In a closed doors presentation at GamesCom, SOE showed us DC Universe Online. With a superhero batman-like, we witnessed a mission that led us to Harley Quinn through many joker's minions and mini bosses. Gameplay is pretty simple but the physics really can affect it. The action is fast and the combat as dynamic as you can imagine. Once you select your skills and powers at the character creation, through the game you must learn how to use all of them. There is a huge selection of powers and, with thousands of combinations, it will be hard to find another hero or villain like yours. You can fly, run faster, to be an acrobat, martial artist, gadgeter (like batman), and many more. You will feel that you are unique. Developed using Unreal Engine 3, the graphics are pretty cool -to be a comic style- and the gameplay is soft.

Watch the videos we filmed, in HD quality, through our channel right here.


It's so much fun to be able to face famous DC villains (or heroes if you are a villain). It makes you feel like a real DC Universe character. After avoid the special attacks (it's a very hard fight to defeat a boss), when the situation is under control, you will be able to loot stuff that when you put it on, it will be fully integrated with your suit: it will change its color and it will adapt itself to your pattern.


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