[GamesCom] Ankama showed us Wakfu

At GamesCom, Ankama Games showed us Wakfu, its new mmo game under development.

Wakfu, scheduled for 2011, is a massively multiplayer online game. It takes place in a medieval fantasy universe created by Ankama Games. One thousand years after the events of DOFUS, Wakfu will transport you to a magical universe full of sparkling humor. Whether you become a rough and ready Iop, a healing Eniripsa or a sneaky Sram, you’ll discover a heap of character classes, a unique tactical combat system and strange, colorful landscapes. Wakfu is intended for adventurers of all levels.  It’s up to you to find your own strategy and to succeed in the challenges you’ll face along the way.



" Following the adventures many of you know as DOFUS, the World of Twelve knew little but chaos and upheaval for one dark millennium. The terrible Ogrest succeeded where so many had failed, where so many perished. He gathered all six Dofus within arms’ breadth. And yet the beast’s misfortune was only beginning. He became consumed with the very strength that had nourished him... Mad with rage and as yet unable to control his destructive power, Ogrest let his wrath beat down upon the World.

Scribbled legends speak of a cosmic battle between the gods, a boundless deluge... and the advent of a titan. Players begin their adventure in a World whose landmass has shrunk to but a few vast islands and archipelagos in one single Ocean."

Key features:

Turn-based Tactical Combat System
Wakfu’s combat system will bring a new dimension to your sense of strategy, combining turn-based tactics and dynamic action in each battle.

Deep Interaction with the Environment and the Community
The evolution of the World depends on the players and their actions. For instance, you can be elected governor and start an influential political career, or train as a lumberjack and cut wood... but in moderation to prevent forests from disappearing. Each of your actions will have a direct impact on the game world!

Evolving World with an Autonomous Ecosystem
In game monsters possess artificial intelligence and migrate and feed throughout the World of their own accord... They evolve among the 25,000 simultaneously progressing Wakfu players!

Multidirectional Scrolling in an Isometric 3D Universe
There is no limit to your exploration of the world! Characters travel, meet and  interact on a single vast map upon which your screen is but a window.

At the heart of a crossmedia revolution
For the first time in the history of animated TV series, the world of Wakfu will open the gates of a crossmedia universe based on the interconnections between the animated series, the MMORPG, the community websites.

Watch a video of Wakfu, in HD quality, through our channel, right here.

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