– Gamescom 2013 – We take a look at World of Tanks Blitz

During the presentation that Wargaming gave us at the Gamescom we also take a look at World of Tanks Blitz, that far from being just a mobile version of World of Tanks, it is really impressive.

With console-quality graphics, you can play World of Tanks BlitzĀ on a wide variety of Android and iOS devices. Obviously the game is inspired in the original World of Tanks (medium tanks, heavy tanks and destroyers) but has a very simple and intuitive controls. And you only need your thumbs to enjoy it.

WoT blitz GM13 RW3 WoT blitz GM13 RW5 WoT blitz GM13 RW1 WoT blitz GM13 RW2

Wot blitz head


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