– Gamescom 2013 – We have seen Warframe’s PS4 version in action

During the Gamescom we attended an interesting presentation where we have seen Warframe's PS4 version in action. The game will be one of the first Free-to-Play FPS for PS4 and has a spectacular look, because the PS4 can handle the game on max graphics settings.

The game has been improving since it was launched thanks to the players’ feedback, and currently everything is completely open and allow players to get everything by playing the game and collecting materials. But if you want, you can spend some money and get interesting items.

Warframe GM13 RW5 Warframe GM13 RW6

As in the PC version, the game is very fun, animations are impressive, and you can move around the map using ninja-style maneuvers, while using swords, shurikens, swords, axes, bows, knives and also the classic automatic guns.

Warframe GM13 RW3 Warframe GM13 RW4

The game is especially fun when you play it with friends; You'll find bosses, special missions, and lots of PvE content. There is also the possibility to challenge other players to duels, which adds a PvP point to the game. There are clans that can build custom dojos, where you can build rooms, research/build new weapons, and duel 1v1 against your clan-mates.

Warframe GM13 RW1 Warframe GM13 RW2

Going back to the PS4 version, the controller works perfectly with the game, movements are very precise, and aiming is much better than with a PS3 controller, so even if you're not a console FPS player, you can play with the controller without any problem. The takes full advantage of the built-in audio, touch-pad and streaming share features of the advanced Dual Shock 4. Really looking forward to play this game on the PS4!

warframe head

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