– Gamescom 2013 – We had the opportunity to try the new improved version of Hawken

During the Gamescom Meteor Entertainment invited our team to try the latest version of Hawken, a sci-fi mech MMOFPS with fast-paced combat and flying capabilities. We tested the game a few months ago, and of course we were hoping to find new content,fixes and minor changes, but instead we were impressed at the amount of changes that the game has received.

The game gives the impression of being completely new, user interface has been remade completely, the Mech progressioni s now a new system with items that give new skills to your mech, increasing the number of ways you can play each mech, like flying maneuvers, health regeneration, full dps, and many other options.

Hawken GC13 RW3 Hawken GC13 RW4

The graphics were good, but they have improved them as well, so they are more clean and detailed now, having more details and effects, and when it comes to gameplay there are far more effects, especially if you have a PhysX card.

The gameplay is now faster, abilities and weapons are much more visible on the screen, and you really have the feeling that you are a pilot sitting in the cockpitby having some displays showing information, like cooldowns and mech status, instead of having icons and bars scattered around the screen.

Hawken GC13 RW1 Hawken GC13 RW2

The aerial combat has been revised, and is now more frantic and lasts longer, which adds a new dimension to the game. You can customize your mech for further flying control it’s quite impressive what you can do, flying long distances, dodging while flying, back-flipping and much more.

Hawken GC13 RW5 Hawken GC13 RW6

The game now includes offline modes and cooperative modes with bots, so you can train against bots or play with friends against the AI. The difficulty scales to match your skill so it is always a challenge worthy of being played. We strongly recommend giving a new opportunity to the game if you've played it in the past, you will not be disappointed, because it's really a brand new game.

hawken head


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