– Gamescom 2013 – We discover what is coming to Age of Wulin

During the Gamescom we had the opportunity to meet the guys from Webzen and got to have a first look at what was coming to Age of Wulin in the near future, especially the new PvP rankings and the Wedding System.

  AoW GM13 rw1

For the PvP they showed us the new new PvP skills that are being introduced to the game along with the new battlefields that players can either join solo or join with a team, useful for guild members who want to fight alongside each other, in which the battles are 6 vs. 6 and 12 vs. 12. There is also a 32 player “Last Man Standing” tournament where it is free for all PvP in which the last player alive wins. The battle arenas also give a battle ranking where the 5 most skillful players can earn powerful weapons and a fancy title that can be displayed around the world.

AoW GM13 rw2

The Wedding System is a feature that implies more social relations between players that is going to counter balance all the upcoming PvP focused content. This feature will allow two players to declare that they wish to be married to each other in a traditional Chinese wedding (doesn't include same-sex weddings). But what if you haven’t found anyone special? So that you can put an advertisement in the game stating that you are single, in a sort of Match.com.

AoW GM13 rw3

When you have a special person at your side, you can start to plan your wedding. Players will choose a date and time, and can send out invitations to their friends and guildmates, as the event will happen within the game world and only one can happen at any time.

One of the biggest choices is going to be how much to spend on the wedding, because there are three wedding packages currently available, in which the bride may arrive on the back of a decorated ox, or carried upon a Jiān Yú, a traditional shoulder carriage that she will sit in carried through the streets by four men, or an even larger litter that has a score of people marching with it. The money you spend also decides where in the city the event will happen as a procession moves through the street,which can last up to 30 minutes.During the procession, the PvP is locked, so nobody can attack other players or interfere in any way during the procession, and gifts and wedding presents are scattered along the parade route for players to collect. They also told us that only the richest players could pay more expensive weddings.

AoW GM13 rw5

After the procession the guests attend a wedding meal, where players are able to hire thugs to sabotage it, whilst the bride and groom can hire guards to protect the ceremony. The banquet meal will buff players and is a nice time to socialize with other players, and possible the attacks from thugs add a fun mini game.

AoW GM13 rw6

Finally the happy couple will delight their guests with a wedding dance, and those in attendance are able vote on what dance they wish the couple to perform for a list which does include that even includes the "Gangnam Style"! The dance is a mini event that the couple performs and that will give buffs to players watching it, and that can last up to an hour. When the ceremony is over the couple exchange their rings and there is a scene in which both start kissing in the bridal bed.

AoW GM13 rw4

So what’s the point? Well it’s an interest feature in a game that very few other MMORPGs have bothered to implement, but it also has some practical purposes. Each player can use their wedding ring to teleport instantly to their married counterpart, and when they are together they can perform special deadly combo manoeuvres!

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