– Gamescom 2013 – We attended an exclusive presentation of GunZ 2 – The Second Duel

During the Gamescom we attended an exclusive presentation with the Games Product Manager of the free-to-play third-person action MMO GunZ 2 - The Second Duel, Christian Schönlein, who showed us what offers the game, and what we can expect from it.

In a short demo we saw how intense and frantic the game is, with aerial jumps, running up and across walls, it’s an action packed Action shooter where developers want to try to make us feel that we are are playing an old school shooter. It is a game made for gamers, to be fun, easy to learn, but difficult to master.

Gunz2 GM13 RW3

The game has history, but is far from being of great depth or significance, the general premise is that two rival factions are fighting for control a mineral called "Optimite", that the fighters inject into themselves to give them superhuman powers, which explains the acrobatics and gravity defying abilities that the characters possess.

The game will be launched with 3 classes: Silent Avenger, Gunslinger and Shield Trooper, and they have the intention to add more classes once the original three classes are balanced, and developers are getting feedback directly from the fans to see what they want and combining it with what will fit the gameplay.

Gunz2 GM13 RW4 Gunz2 GM13 RW5

There are three types of PvP modes; Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Team Elimination, in which the last mode is a twist of the classic mode, in which when you die are you are removed from the match, reason why this mode requires more tactics and strategy, and which certainly bet on becoming an eSport. There is also a PvE mode with a campaign, in which a team of 4 players will advance by nine missions full of explosions, weapons and huge final bosses. Again, more game mods will be added over time.

An interesting element of the game is that you can acquire items (either with the currency of the game or with real money) for a certain number of days, when that item is no longer any use to you then instead of simply losing it players can convert the item into "Gem Stones" that you can spend at a "Tesla Machine" to gain special and cool items.

Gunz2 GM13 RW1 Gunz2 GM13 RW2

The game is currently in its closed beta phase, but it will end soon and will be followed by a bug fixing phase based on beta tester feedback, then the game will launch in October.

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