– Gamescom 2013 – War Thunder shows us its full “plane and tanks” gameplay

Another interesting event that we attended during the Gamescom was a meeting with the guys from Gaijin Entertaintment, developers of War Thunder, who taught us an interesting presentation of the game where they showed us some extremely interesting stuff.

We sat in a sort of small mini theatre which they had prepared along with a couple of more of journalists. They started showing us the game on a big display on the wall, giving us a small review of what War Thunder is about: fast-paced dogfights andcool warplanes.

    Warthunder GM13 RW3

The first thing we realized is that the game was running on a PS4. The console version is almost finished and when it launches is going to be available with the F2P model, exactly like the PC version.

As we were talking, the guys at Gaijin let us try the game with a PS4 controller. Talking about graphics, the game runs perfectly on PS4; everything moves smoothly without any trace of aliasing or fps drops, and the rendering of the special effects such as smoke or bullets traces where impressive.

Warthunder GM13 RW1

At a certain point of the presentation, they asked us to turn off the camera because they wanted to show us something special. As we did it, they launched a new match where they were playing as a tank. Even If they said it was still an early and rough version of this new feature, we have to say that what we saw was very convincing. The tanks were moving in a big beautiful map rich of covers, rock where to hide and more. Models of tanks and movements were not bad at all and they look absolutely heavy and realistic.

Warthunder GM13 RW2

However, the most surprising thing was when the guy controlling the game and talking about it pressed a button and switched from a tank to a plane flying in the sky on the same map and kept playing. That’s right, guys, War Thunder will feature a full “plane and tanks” gameplay on the same map, and they can absolutely fight each other. Moreover, it will be possible to switch from a plane to a tank at any moment

Warthunder GM13 RW4

But the most impressive thing was when the guy who controlled the tank and that was giving us the explanation, pressed a button and switched from a tank to a plane flying in the sky on the same map! That’s right, War Thunder will feature battles between tanks and planes on the same map. It is also possible to switch between them at any time.

Warthunder GM13 RW5

In addition to being a spectacular feature, this is impressive if you consider that even Wargaming with their "World of" game series will not have this simultaneous multi-vehicle mode.

War thunder headlogo

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