– Gamescom 2013 – The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot exclusive presentation

Last week during the Gamescom, we attended to a private presentation of The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot, the game that blends tower defense with dungeon crawler of Ubisoft in which you can create your own dungeon of Cartoon with Cartoon style graphics.

the mighty GM13 RW1

The game is divided into neighbourhoods where you have your castle, which you need to improve to avoid that enemy players plunder your treasures. Needless to say that you can also invade the castles of your neighbors. The game features three different classes: Archer, Knight and Wizard, but everything in your account is shared so you can play with any of the three depending on that you need in each castle.

To defend your Castle, you will have to put traps, monsters, and all kinds of defenses that you can try as if you were the invader. Build up your Castle is really fun, because you can create and add all kinds of rooms from your imagination, and you could even create complex labyrinths to prevent enemies from stealing your treasures. But when your Castle is robbed, it enters a protected mode, so you don’t get completely robbed while you're not in the game.

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The entire game revolves around competition and the community. You can sack stuff from somebody who just raided by pressing a Revenge button, leave comments of your successful attacks and rate castle defenses or add friends to be aware of what they do.

The characters are customizable as you would expect from any RPG: gear, weapons, potions and much more are the usual stuff that you will get looting castles of other players. With this stuff you can improve your character so you can move on and beat bigger challenges.

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