– Gamescom 2013 – Our team attended an exclusive presentation of Creatures Online

At the Gamescom we had the chance to meet a couple of guys from Fishing Cactus, which is developing the next chapter in the series, Creatures Online. Creatures it’s an old series of games that was very complex and not new-players friendly at all, but it got a lot of fans, but never managed to reach a really wide audience. Until now.

The first thing to say about Creatures Online is that is going to lose the old games’ over-complexity in favor of a more casual and user-friendly “easy to grab” nature and high accessibility, as it is going to be released for PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Creatures GM13 RW4 Creatures GM13 RW5

and have fun experimenting with their genetic traits, mixing them or hatching new eggs, among many other possibilities. Your Norns will have their own life cycle, as they will born, live their lives, mate, have sons and die. During their lives, you can interact with them in various ways, whetherpetting them, scolding them, making them work or do something particular and the way in which you interact with them will affect their nature and their behavior. They may also listen to what you say them or you will simply be ignored and they will do whatever they want.

Creatures GM13 RW1 Creatures GM13 RW3

You can also customize the environment in several ways, usually with the help of the creatures. You can also visit the bases of other players and interact with their creatures.

Creatures head


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