-Gamescom 2013 – Exclusive presentation of the Free-to-Play FPS Warface

During the Gamescom we met Wim Coveliers of Crytek, who talked to us about Warface, its Free-to-Play FPS which uses the Cryengine 3 and has a very fair micro-transactions model. The game is designed to reach a wide audience so it works even in low-end computers with decent graphics, as well as with impressive graphics in high-end computers.

Take a look at exclusive presentation that we recorded at Gamescom.

The game boasts a lot of social features such as clans, where you can track what are doing your teammates, chat channels to talk to them or friends list to name a few. In addition to the previously mentioned, there are all sorts of achievements that serve to track your progress in the game.

Warface GM13 RW2

Your character has several item slots where you can equip items to improve their appearance and performance. You can to buy these items at the game store, either with in-game cash and real money. Also you can buy boosters and vanity items for your characters, but you won't have to worry, everything is balanced, and you can play fairly against players who spent a lot of money on the game, but they probably will look cooler.

Warface GM13 RW3 Warface GM13 RW1

The game has 4 different classes, each one with unique skills and distinct roles necessary needed to complete the missions successfully; there are also cooperative modes against the AI and competitive PvP modes, in a variety which is not easily found within this genre. The game is currently in its beta phase, but it will be released soon.

Warface headlogo

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