– Gamescom 2013 – Dragon’s Prophet showed us some interesting new features

In the Gamescom Edouard Beaulieu and Pierre Poinsenet, from Infernum Productions, presented us the upcoming Frontier System (PvP) of Dragon’s Prophet as well as some interesting features that are being developed for the game.

Take a look at the full presentation video from the Gamescom 2013 if you want to know more about it.

First of all, they showed us some features like the deep customization level of the dragons, how their statistics are generated at the time you get them or how you can choose the skills of the dragons and use them when you're using them.

dragons GM13 RW4 dragons GM13 RW1

After this, the presentation moved to the PvP and the housing aspects, leading us to the Auratian Sky Archipelago, where players will find Islands where they are going to be able to build their homes. Each island is ruled by an Alliance of players who decides the taxes for those living there. Any player can fight for the control of these islands, but first they need some POI, and then use siege weapons to destroy the structures that protect the fortress. These machines are very complex and some of them even can be fused. The alliances to defend themselves can summon huge dragons to aid them in the battle by spending resources.

You can see the trailer which shows this feature, which will arrive on September 18 game, just below:

The game's graphics are really good and you don’t get bored if you are up for trying everything the game offers, from making the typical quests or leveling to tame dragons and customize them, fight for PvP sovereignty, build your own house among many other options.

dragons GM13 RW2 dragons GM13 RW3

When we ask about the air combat we were told that is being developed, and is going to arrive to the game in a future update. As the game revolves around dragons, it will be amazing having skirmishes mounted on their backs.

And now enjoy some gameplay footage.

headlogo dragon

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