– Gamescom 2013 – Discover what offers Hearthstone

During the Gamescom our team found the time to go to the Blizzard stand and meet a couple of guys from the Hearthstone development team that told us a lot of details of the game and answered many of our questions.

Hearthstone is without doubt a project to follow; it’s the first Free-to-Play game from Blizzard and, even if it shares the background with World of Warcraft, it’s absolutely different from the usual games developed by the popular software house, as it’s a casual TGC.

The first thing we asked was how is the game linked to World of Warcraftand if there will be some interaction between Hearthstone and the king of the MMORPGs. The answer was that although they share background and characters, both games will be completely independent and there won’t be any further interaction between them,with the exception that we will see that some of the characters that have importance in World of Warcraft are going to arrive to Hearthstone as heroes.

Hearthstone GM13 rw2 Hearthstone GM13 rw3

We also asked them about an eventual PvP competitive scene for the game, with tournaments or anything, or if it will become an e-Sport. However the developers said that, even if in the future they could think to this possibility, at the moment they are focusing all their efforts on making the game as accessible and enjoyable as possible, to attract the largest number of audience, especially casual players.

Hearthstone GM13 rw4 Hearthstone GM13 rw1

They are really proud and excited to offer PC and Mac versions of the game players (and later on an iPad version) and about how they managed to develop a game rich of features such as crafting, disenchanting, collection managing tools, etc., keeping the game challenging, but simple enough so that players of all ages and types can enjoy it.


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