– Gamescom 2013 – Discover the new changes of Merc Elite

After the impressive Action Day of the last month, during the Gamescom we’ve met again with the producer of Merc Elite, Jeff Lydell. The game is an upcoming military-themed browser MOBA that is currently in closed beta. This time we were able to record the interview and a gameplay session, where Jeff showed us the game in action, playing his favorite class, the Assault.

The first thing we saw is that finally they’re letting more and more players to step into the closed beta and so it is finally easy to find a match in a reasonable amount of time (before could have to wait 20 minutes to start a game).

Jeff gave us a complete and exhaustive description of Merc Elite, for all those players that not had heard of the game, and as you can see in the video interview that we will publish soon, the game offers a lot of interesting and different features that in our opinion will attract a its own fans, rather than having to compete with the giants of the genre.

He showed us some of the changes and improvements that some classes have received, including a complete rework of the Recon class and its stealth system, which is now a passive skill affected by movement and received impacts, rather than a classical activation ability.

He also told us that compared to other MOBAs focused on releasing more and more characters, they are thinking about a different approach, and after the oficial release, they planned to launch a lot of different maps as well.



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