– Gamescom 2013 – Dead Island: Epidemic unveils new details

Deep Silver has announced the new chapter of its acclaimed franchise Dead island, this time gets fully into the MOBA (or ZOMBA) genre, and arrives with the name Dead Island: Epidemic. In the game, players will need to cooperate to take on other survivors while fighting back the hordes of zombies.

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Players will fight in 3 teams of 4 players, who also have to fight against a wide-range of zombies, from the typical walkers to horrific abominations, which can only be defeated if the teams cooperate.

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The game features a detailed crafting system in which players can create weapons, which they can customize in many waysto fully suit a player’s personality and play style. You can also combine weapons to get more powerful weapons that combine their perks and effects.

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In the game you will have to control several control points and various targets strewn about the map, so sometimes you'll have to fight against the other survivors to control this points and occasionally team up with opposing forces to succeed in certain situations.

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Information Source: Deep Silver press release.

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