– Gamescom 2013 – A lot of new features are coming to Firefall

During the Gamescom our team had the opportunity to speak with David Williams a representative from Red5Studios, who talked with us about their MMOFPS Firefall, which is currently in open beta, and commented on some of the issues they faced, how did they fix them, and the path that will take the game in the coming months, including the arrival of a great patch which will add a lot of new content to the game.

  Firefall GM13 RW1

To start off, Firefall has fixed all the issues found in the first phase of its open beta, whose objective was to find and fix all the problems of stability when many players were connected at the same time. They will now begin the second phase of its Open beta which is all about adding new content. What we have seen so far was just a small part of what the game has to offer, because in the next patch, the Firefall playable world will grow in an impressive way; the map of the game, which until now was only Copacabana will be changed by a world map where players can see several new areas, melding pockets and much more.

Firefall GM13 RW4

In addition an important change in the mechanics of players against Chosen will allow players to recover areas covered by the Melding to the Chosen; players will be able to push back the Melding in the existing warfronts with server wide events and leaderboards and as players push back more Melding, they encounter Chosen Military Fortresses that can be besieged and destroyed. When a warfront is fully unlocked, a new story instance becomes available, part of a five year story campaign.

Some warfronts may even be lost if the players are defeated in their attempt to wrest the zone from the Chosen. In which case, it will come back at a much later date, but the opportunity, for a while, will be lost.

Firefall GM13 RW2

There will be some other features as well like the new Vending Machine that will give players the opportunity to participate in a kind of lottery which operates with special coins to be gotten by buying them with real money or through crafting.


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