– Gamescom 2012 – Interview for Tribes: Ascend at Gamescom 2012

Our team had the chance to interview Bart Koenigsberg, Hi-Rez Marketing Specialist, and take a look at what's new in the MMOFPS Tribes: Ascend.

The first thing revealed is a new game mode called “Blitz”. Essentially this mode is the typical capture the flag but with a twist, each time an enemy flag is taken and returned to your base the flags respawn point changes to another area on the map; an interesting development for those in the Tribes community who have raised concerns with the higher scoring gained from being purely defensive. The game mode should be fast and fun and forces players to change between defensive and offensive roles to get the best out of their team.

Another new development talked is about the new gear of the technician:

· A New Turret – This solo rate of fire turret does less damage but makes up for it with a longer range.

· “Thumper” Weapon – Four shots per magazine the Thumper gives sustained damage and works in place of grenades.

· Remote Repair Kit – The ability to repair turrets without the need to sit on the spot and defend them, giving the Technician more tactical ability.

Hi-Rez will also be adding voice packs from Tribes 2 as a purchasable cosmetic item, something that should please the diehard Tribes fans who have followed the series.

You can expect to see these new features in the coming months (Q3/Q4 2012).

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