– Gamescom 2012 – Herokon exclusive presentation

At the Gamescom we went to a nice castle-booth, suitable equipped with comfortable soft sofa for lazy RPG players to see an exclusive presentation of Herokon.

Silver style knows well what this word means and intended of creating its game having always in mind this meaning: it’s not a case that the role-playing background of the game is the popular and big brand “The Dark Eye”, a brand created in Germany since 1984. To plunge in the world of Aventuria (porting authentically in the game, with a wealth of details) is easy: Herokon Online, whilst its good graphic (not so smooth in animation, but good indeed), is a browser-based and free to play game, so that to start an epic adventure you need only some clicks of your mouse.

Every character in the Aventuria world has a story to tell, every place has a mission to complete, every town has a mystery to solve: over 300 playable quest are available (and weekly updated), to unwind that stories The Dark Eye authors wrote just for your amusement. Players can choose between 3 races and 9 classes, can have pets (but not mount, at the moment), can customize their skills. The game is now entered in an Open Beta phase that features 3 main regions with 3 vast capitals and 200 accessible areas, every place accompanied by an epic music.

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