– Gamescom 2011 – UFO online details from the Gamescom

In UFO Online - Fight for Earth, players choose a faction to join and build and expand a base that acts as a hub in the fight for freedom.This is where mercenaries are hired and trained and where technologies and weapons are researched and added to the arsenal. Then it's time to take on the aliens in turn-based tactical battles. The player commands an army of specialists, each of which has their own class-specific skill tree. Only with the right combination of targeted research and carefully planned out tactics will the player come out of battle victoriously.

Game Features we have seen in the Gamescom

-Turn based, browser based, management mmorpg, futuristic when aliens attacked the earth.
-Classes system, mercenaries can have specific classes with their own skills and capabilities, 45 skills each class.
-You can have several mercenaries but each one can have gear and weapons with their own extras and accessories
-You can heal or revive your mercenaries at the hospital after each combat
-There is a deep crafting system where you can craft almost everything you need during missions.
-Sound detection system, each weapon makes different volume sounds while firing them, allowing enemies to detect you depending on the distance, weapon volume and objects between both of them.
-There are 3 factions to perform missions for and and territory conquest, depending on factions captured territories you will receive different bonuses
-Line of sight system, enemies may not see you if you’re on their back, depending on distance and line of sight.
-Players can play with all their mercenary or with their friends in cooperative mode.

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