is going to publish Ran Online in Europe has announced today the deal with Min Communications to publish Ran Online in Europe. The game is a free to play 3D MMORPG set in modern times, based on real-life schools and cities, where players take the role of students belonging to four different schools (factions) and clubs (clans), who defend the world from evil forces. Ran Online has a deep character customization, item upgrades, and 6 classes for players to experiment with.

The game was launched in 2005 in Asia and has had 26 updates, including a full graphic engine upgrade. The game client will be available at launch in English, while the website, payment systems and support will be handled in several languages.

Thorsten Schauer, CEO said “Ran Online is one of the most successful MMORPGs in Asia due to its deep content and customization, and we are looking forward to seeing fans all over Europe playing the EU version. ”

The game has deep PvE and PvP content, with thousands of quest and dozens of dungeons to explore, and challenging PvP modes, including:

-          Club Battle– Clan wars PvP in open world
-          Lead Club Battle – This is a clan (club) battle between 2 clans that takes place in 4 different locations with a winning move on a special area
-          Club Death Match – Again, is a clan war, but this time is limited to 8 players per side
-          Tyranny (School wars) – This is a Factional war only for maximum level characters to fight for domination every 3 hours.

Source of information: press release

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