Gamersfirst reaveals its new mmofps, MKZ

GamersFirst announces its partnership with Object Software for the release of its next first-person shooter title, MKZ. It is expected to enter closed beta in the Fall of 2010.

MKZ is a fierce MMOFPS that will allow players to engage in battle across massive battlegrounds all over the world. In an effort to stake claim in a world where corporations have overtaken nations in military might; modern weapons, vehicles and aircraft are used to turn the tide of war and make a name for players and their troops. MKZ features will include:

The Dawn of Corporate Warfare
Private military companies have evolved into political corporations that wield their own powerful militaries in an effort to control the world. Build your own corporations with your friends and vie for control!

Massively Multiplayer FPS Action
Go head to head with thousands of other players and corporations throughout the world. Increase your military rank as they fall before you, and utilize the spoils of victory to purchase high-tech equipment, weaponry and gear that will give you the edge on the battlefield.

Dominate Land and Air
Master the machines of war or take to foot and utilize stealth to sabotage the steel behemoths piloted by your enemies.

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