Gamania has launched the browser version of his MMORPG Soul Captor

Gamania has launched the browser version of his MMORPG Soul Captor. This version is now accessible via any web browser after downloading a small plugin.

Gamania has appealed to the Kalydo technology, which allows players to access the game immediately without having to download the client. According to the way in which the player plays, Kalydo detects and loads the parts of the game that are necessary. Players can choose to play the game via a downloaded client or playing the same game in their browser without sacrificing performance. This system offers players a game without hassle and quick experience.

Niall Callaghan, Product Manager at Gamania Digital Entertainment said: "We are extremely excited to launch the browser version of Soul Captor today and I am sure that the tech savy members of our audience will be amazed when they find out they are looking at a client game that is running from their browser. The Kalydo technology will make it even easier for people to join in the fun and will provide our community with a hassle free gaming experience with minimum downloads. Furthermore, our item mall goes live today, where players can shop for some cool gear, outfits and mounts for themselves and their Anima and lots of convenience items. Now is a great time to join the world of Soul Captor!"

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