Galaxy Online: Trans-version league’s first match

The Galaxy Online team is announcing today that the first season of their Blue Giant Trans-Version League Match is to start on the 24th Jan at 9 PM (GMT-5). The two opposing sides facing off in each match will be made up of Galaxy Online Chinese version players and another team of English version players.

Last year GO had two rounds of an International War competition. This year it has been upgraded to International League Matches. The new competition differs from the previous because they will allow more players to participate and will be run on an instant knock out basis. To join the League Match, players can form their own team, or they can enter as a single player and join an existing team.

The League Matches will be played on an independent temporary server different from all other servers. Each member will be given a limited amount of free resources along with reduced building times for structures and ships. To create a risk free fun event everything used, created, won or lost in this competition will remain on this server and not affect your personal account.

In addition, teams that are able to rank high in the League matches and outstanding individual players will be able to take home prizes. With the English version and Chinese version teams being based on opposing sides of the world, the GO team has worked hard to reduce the impact of communication problems and time differences.

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