Galaxy Online: new patch

The latest news from the far edge of the galaxy is something likely to warm the hearts of intergalactic warlords everywhere. With their latest patch, Galaxy Online has brought back one of their most sought after, most controversial, and arguably one of the most powerful commanders they ever released. The first thing that comes to mind is: "Who is this insane new addition? Well, there's your first mistake, this character isn't new, in fact, she was there right at the beginning, but has been killing time in limbo, under accusations that she was too powerful to ever walk the decks of a star ship.

That's right, Super Commander Nora is free again, and she is back with a vengeance. Another surprising fact is that the GO team brought her back with her fleet killing powers intact, making her just as deadly as she used to be. Now, you may be thinking, what could this girl have been able to do that would cause them to lock her up for so long? Well, with an 8% chance to wipe out an enemy fleet every round, she is a nightmare for opposing commanders to handle. The bigger question though, is why now? What changed? The GO team explained that when the game was released, it was difficult for players to build significantly sized fleets. It took massive amounts of resources and time to build them, and the game simply hadn't been around long enough to allow for this. Not to mention the almost lethal blow it would deal to a player who just watched their whole fleet, and a considerable amount of time, go down in flames. With the game firmly ensconced as one of the top space strategy games available now, the number of players willing to roll the dice with an armada when facing Nora has been upped considerably.


With Nora out of the picture for so long, other commanders have watched their popularity soar, especially Dodge intensive Dilira and Rayo, who is unaffected by enemy commanders spells. Now that these two have made their rounds of the galaxy, there are critical counterweights to Nora's power, and battles with her won't be so one sided. So, if you're looking for that ace to hide up your sleeve, then think about putting out the call for the gal that been there since day one. She's been waiting for a chance to show everyone what she can do, and now is her time to shine!

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