Galaxy Online: English Players Won Blue Giant League Match

Galaxy Online's first Blue Giant Trans-version League Match has come to a conclusion and the final match results is just announced. Group E4 made up of players from the English version of Galaxy Online was crowned champion.

The Blue Giant Trans-version League Match is a tournament that enables players from both the Chinese and English versions of the game to compete against each other. A total of 8 teams were accepted to the first match. Half of them were made up of Chinese version players and half of English version players. The tournament featured head-to-head elimination contests, each lasting only 48 hours. The do-or-die setup required the participating teams to put their best teamwork on display and make good use of their resources as quickly as possible.

Each of the 4 games in the first round was played between one Chinese version team and one English version team. Two teams from each version won their initial bouts, so 2 Chinese version teams and 2 English version teams qualified for the semifinal round. Both semifinals also featured a Chinese version team against an English version team. All four teams were made up of experienced Galaxy Online players.

The two semifinals followed remarkably similar paths. Chinese version teams attempted to restrain their opponent right at the beginning of the battle. The English version teams were under a lot of pressure from these intense attacks. Nevertheless, the English version players withstood the attacks by employing superior tactics. Once the English version players had built numerous high-tech ships on the second day of the battle, they began to counterattack. About 3 hours before the end of the battle, both the English version teams had occupied all the galaxies and also strategically placed hordes of ships to entangle the Chinese version teams' troops. At last, both the English version teams beat their Chinese version rivals quite unexpectedly and qualified for the final. While these results ensured that an English version team would win the tournament, there was still one more exciting round to be played.

The final between teams E4 and E7 saw them employ surprisingly similar tactics and combinations of hulls and modules. The winner would need to rely on the quality of their execution to achieve victory. When the dust settled, E4 bested E7 and was named champion of the first Blue Giant Trans-version League Match.

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