Gala Networks Europe has shared some new details of its Martial Arts MMORPG, Age of Wulin

Gala Networks Europe, has shared some new details about its upcoming Martial Arts MMORPG title, Age of Wulin. In the game, the players will have a chance to dive into an astonishing world inspired by over 2000 years of Chinese legends, Wuxia culture and Kung-Fu lore. Age of Wulin is set to deliver a completely new and innovative Chinese martial-arts MMORPG experience.

Featuring stories that consist of countless adventures about heroes who are bound by a code of chivalry, Age of Wulin will also include villains who will use their best skills to gain an advantage. This will reflect on the players’ decisions when choosing which of the eight schools they wish to master the skills of. Players are offered a wide range of skills to learn from, ranging from combat with staffs, swords, hand-to-hand and many more. The player’s freedom to master the art of Kung-Fu in their own way and the challenge to test it against others is what makes Age of Wulin extraordinary.

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