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Global online game portal, GameKiss, announces the four proud winners of the FreeStyle Rookie Club Tournament as the tournament has just ended: “7”, “AAA”, “CAAAF” and “CN”. Thirty-two teams from all over the world participated in the event which was held between September 13th and 28th. The winners will be given the opportunity to play at the Major Club League, starting registrations from October 7th.

The exciting Rookie Club Tournament shined with unique features in terms of organization and development. The divisions were named after the four GameKiss Game Masters (GM) Roman, Joey, Rox and Lunar instead of the usual names of countries or cities. This was to represent the purpose of the FreeStyle basketball game, which is played online by global users.

Each division consisted of a winning team: “7” from Roman Division, “AAA” from Joey Division, “CAAAF” from Roxy Division and “CN” from Lunar Division. The prizes for winners include iPod Nanos, Altect Lansing audio systems and Polaroid cameras. The winning teams will also be given the opportunities to play at the Major Club League which will start receiving registrations from October 7th.

For fair play, all the replays of the game-play results were posted on GameKiss’s official YouTube channel.

The exciting tournament was joined by more than 100 players and 700 users who cheered and enjoyed the intensity of the event. Surprise events were specially organized for the users who could not participate in the roster. Each of the four GMs arranged their own cheering event for his division and a competition where users guessed the winner. The popularity of the events was evidenced by more than 500 game play videos being posted.

Registration for the Major Club League starts on October 7th at Freestyle.GameKiss.com. More events are guaranteed.

“Freestyle is an online basketball game which hosted the world’s first global league,” said Roman, Chief Game Master of GameKiss, “We would like to grow the online basketball game community where people from all over the world can freely compete and enjoy”, he adds.


Freestyle Street Basketball is an online multiplayer basketball title developed by JCEntertainment. Its first service was commenced in Korea on December, 2005. Being serviced in number of countries since then, it has more than 10 million registered users.

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