Frogster unveils second character class for Mythos




Frogster today unveiled the Gadegeteer character class from Mythos. The gadgeteer’s gift with firearms and contraptions make him stand out from the crowd as they use their intelligence to take enemies down with the assistance of traps, bombs and mechanical aids.

As with all character classes as a Gadgeteer players can construct three skill trees which include a variety of abilities and spells. Gadgeteers who choose the ‘Marksmen’ skill category take the art of firearms to the heights of perfection. Thanks to powerful magic spells which can be used to strengthen their fire power, even long-range opponents have little hope. On the other hand, ‘Grenadiers’ fire self-made grenades at groups of monsters resulting in enormous explosive capabilities. Using ingenious traps they can ensnare enemies and confuse them to such an extent that they start to attack themselves. The third possible customization for a Gadgeteer is the ‘Tinker’. They prepare flying drones or gun turrets as mechanical aids which automatically open fire on monsters and even have the ability to heal the user when required.

Check here all you need to know about Mythos. And visit its official website.

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