Frogster helps players get ready for Runes of Magic Chapter III

Frogster today announced that it is starting a 10 week training program beginning this weekend, to get players ready for the third chapter of Runes of Magic. “Expedition 60” is aimed at helping players achieve level progress and reach the high-level regions of the current game in preparation for the upcoming expansion, ‘The Elder Kingdoms’. The first stage of this large update will be released next week.

In the first step of “Expedition 60”, Frogster will provide a 50% XP Bonus this weekend. As the weeks progress, there will be more bonus activities to intensify the training. As part of the program, Frogster will also be staging extensive in-game events and contests leading up to the release of 'The Elder Kingdoms'.

"Recently Runes of Magic reached a significant milestone with the announcement of three million registered players in North America and Europe," said Andreas Weidenhaupt, CEO, Frogster Online Gaming. “As the game community grows on a daily basis, Frogster is celebrating by creating a very special training program leading up to the launch of ‘Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms’."

As previously announced, the first stage of Runes of Magic Chapter III  - The Elder Kingdoms will contain the first region of the new continent Zandorya with the kingdom Dalanis and lots of new content, an expanded in-game monster card system, three new guild drill grounds, six new guild quests, a stone wall upgrade for guild castles and much more to be introduced next week.

Check here all you need to know about Runes of Magic. And visit its official website.

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