Frogster has announced that is only one more month until the launch of TERA

Frogster has announced that we only have to wait one more month until the release of TERA servers. After some successful beta weekends with ever rising numbers of participants, there are only a few more weeks to wait for the main release.

In addition, Frogster has decided to release a screenshot every day leading up to the official release, through a fifth closed beta phase, the open beta and the headstart, to which all pre-order customers will automatically have access.

TERA is being launched on the 3rd of May 2012 on subscription basis. Ubisoft is the distributor and as such, is the first point of contact for questions relating to over-the-counter retail, while Frogster is in charge of the online operations of the game in Europe. Players can pre-order TERA to ensure they receive access to all beta tests.

The game is available as a Collector’s Edition, which comes with an impressive and exclusive Regal Frostlion mount.

Remember that you can Pre-Order the game, that comes with some benefits:

- Take part in all the testsInvitation to all closed beta weekends
- Be one of the first to experience TERAAccess to TERA five days prior to its official release
- Secure your preferred usernameBe one of the first to create a character
- Saddle up your special mountVirtual items included: Special mount, City Wheel Earring, Seren's Sand Ring

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