Free Realms summer camp activities

Beginning today, kids can join more than 11 million registered players online to take part in the Free Realms virtual Summer Camp. With 13 themed weeks of organized live events, friendly competition, exploration and adventure, kids can’t complain about having nothing to do during their summer vacation.  Print out the Free Realms Summer Camp Calendar and check off your favorite in-game activities to participate in.

Join Camp Chatty in Sacred Grove or swim across the lake to visit Camp Robbie. Players may choose a side and loyally protect their campground, or bounce back and forth between camps to complete the quests and daily tasks of their choice.  But no matter the camp, Treeble or Robgoblin, players must beware of a scary Bigfoot who lurks in the forest.



Fun in the Virtual Sun
With a total of 14 new camp land quests, including daily and Member’s only questlines, players may never run out of ways to beat the summer heat.

Events Calendar
With themes like Pirates, Pets, Beaches, Sports and more, each calendar week is full of fun summer activities to participate in, by yourself or with friends.  Everything is outlined on the printable Events Calendar. Take a screenshot with Chatty, attend a house party, launch fireworks on the Seaside beach... there will never be a dull moment this summer!

New Items
New Summer Camp clothing items will be available for purchase in the Free Realms Marketplace and Coin Shop. Choose from Team Chatty, Team Robbie and other Summer Camp outfits!

And, just in time for three months of Summer Camp, Multi-Month Memberships are now available! Subscribe to the three month membership and receive a 10% discount off the regular monthly membership fee. Experience all Free Realms has to offer with full access to every job, exclusive content and more for as low as $3.30 per month with a 12 month subscription.

Check here all you need to know about Free Realms. And visit its official website.

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