Free Realms by Guille, an eight years old kid.

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The spanish magazine, has published a tale about Free Realms, narrated by Guille, an eight years old kid. Here you have the original, in spanish, and you can read the below the english version.

"I suppose, sometimes, it is difficult to understand a child, but never as much as understand an adult. They believe that it is normal to discuss about the weather with all the people they meet ("It seems that it is sunny"), smile to those people they do not like or spend the day talking about their work even though they hate it, and they think it is absurd  that a sofa can be a castle.

Every night, after dinner and before going to sleep, I turn on the computer and I live in a world that they would not understand, one where there are fairies, magicians, traders; a world where, to get rewards, you do not have to do something that you don't like because you can be what you want, a fantastic place where the "oldies" give you currencies in return for the fact that you deliver packages for them and there are big guys that reward you to find copper and precious stones. It is a paradise in which you can explore miles from a village to another, become adventurer, or  teleport to a far place looking for ingredients that you will have to cook. It is a site where nothing bad can happen to you.

Yesterday explored one of those lands when I listened to them:
- I don't know, the children, nowadays, spend all day playing these things, killing bugs; and without speaking to anybody. Do not you see the tv? They are talking about it all the time, children end becoming aggressive. But like you think it is ok…
- We don't even know what he's playing at. – Answered my mother - Why should it be violent?
- Of course, he must be playing tetris.
At that momento, the conversation ended and, shortly after, i went to sleep.

I woke up at midnight, I got up to go to the bathroom and went to the hall, there was a light in the hall. I checked it and I watched my mother opposite the computer screen and recognized that music, that one wich sounds when you are in the middle of a mission and the night comes. I saw her, she was happy although she was still a little awkward and her fairy faced with everything. I went around, I came back, on tiptoe, to my room and i got in bed, again.

Today, at breakfast, she looked the same as always. She was placing the toasts, pretending that nothing had changed , without realizing that, in fact, I was keeping her a secret. But it is better this way; she also deserves to be a child, although she can only be one of us while the rest of the children are sleeping."



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