How Free-to-Play is RIFT?

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RIFT, the free-to-play-ness of which will be tested with this instalment of our F2Pmeter, is an F2P fantasy-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game that was originally launched by Trion Worlds in 2011 with a monetarisation model exclusively based on subscriptions, but switched to free-to-play in June 2013. We therefore thought it was high time to check out if it is really free to play.

But beforehand, let's remind you of our recently published Things You Would Change with RIFT article you might be interested in checking out and perhaps also in contributing with your personal thoughts.

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So before eventually getting into details, let’s be reminded that RIFT, just like its predecessors in this F2Pmeter test, will begin 100% of free-to-play-ness, a value that is open to changes depending on how our questions have to be answered

EN - Question 1

No. Since RIFT's change to free-to-play, everyone is able to create an account, download the client and play without being charged.



EN - Question 2

Yes (optional) – -15%. Despite the introduction of a free-to-play option, there are still remaining several different subscription options, including automatically recurring monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly or yearly subscription plans as well as non-recurring Patron Passes, which grant bonuses such as store discount, boosts on EXP/ reputation/ currency gains, enhanced log-in rewards and exclusive weekly log-in chests, and lots of other perks.



EN - Question 3

No (but...) – -5%. Apart from some newer additions to the array of Souls (subclasses) that have to be purchased as part of specific packs, all content updates to the game as well as expansion are made available free of charge.



EN - Question 4

Yes – -5%. The in-game RIFT store allows players to get their hands on a huge selection of services like extra character slots, boosters, expansion Souls, consumables, mounts, pets, get, and so on. The majority of items is available for RIFT Store Credits purchasable with real cash as well as regular in-game currency.



EN - Question 5

No (but...) – -5%. The majority of items unavailable to non-paying members of the community don’t convey any obvious gameplay advantage, but just allow for saving time, aesthetically customising characters or gear or simply more convenience. By spending Credits purchased through REX or purchasing Credits packs, F2P account holders are able to get rid of their currency cap and the exclusion from using the auction house, which might be considered as an advantage though.



EN - Question 6

No. Customising the UI doesn't cost anything at all and there aren't any extra options for purchase with real-world currency.



EN - Question 7

Yes (but...) – -5%. Although all players have free access to all 4 available main character classes and the entirety of 6 races, some of the subclasses represented by Souls only become accessible after purchasing a specific pack.



EN - Question 8

Yes – -10%. RIFT excludes F2P players from selling items through the auction house, explaining this as a means of preventing from gold farmers.



EN - Question 9

Yes – -10%. Each character starts out with a limited inventory of 20 slots, which can be expanded by buying extra bags via the in-game store. Due to the fact that a limited amount of slots is also available for regular in-game currency, you won't have to pay real-world money to enlarge your starter inventory. The same applies to bank slots.



EN - Question 10

Yes. The game allows grants free access to all zones of the vast in-game world and doesn’t restrict anyone's access in any way.



EN - Question 11

No. There aren't any restrictions in place, meaning that all players are free to enjoy all the end-game content.



EN - Question 12

Yes – +10%. All in all, RIFT seems to be a rather fair game that doesn't force players to take out their wallet, although offering subscriptions plans that include several perks as well as options of purchasing items or services with real cash. Those who opt for spending money will gain access to a wide variety of boosters, convenience and time-saving items, which will undeniably make their life within the game a bit easier, but they won't gain unfair advantages over free-to-play gamers.

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Our F2Pmeter test of RIFT results in an average 55% of free-to-play-ness.

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