How Free-to-Play is Planetside 2?

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Here's the next instalment of our F2Pmeter series that today puts the free-to-play-ness of Planetside 2 to a test. This F2P first-person shooter MMO game thrusts players into a massive scale war for territory that rages between three different factions across the world of Auraxis.

It can't be denied that the game sports a massive in-game world and stunning visuals, but the question is whether it can be played for absolutely free. Let's find out and be reminded of the fact that our testing candidates begin with a 100% of free-to-play-ness, a value that is open to changes depending on how our questions have to be answered.

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Here we go then...

EN - Question 1

No. The game doesn't charge players for registering an account and downloading the client in order to play.



EN - Question 2

Yes (optional) – -15%. Planetside 2's free-to-play option is complemented by recurring SOE All Access memberships available with varying duration, with monthly prices ranging from $9.99/ €8.99 to $14.99/ €13.99. Subscriptions include boosts on XP/ resource gains, marketplace discounts, additional character slots, additional custom loadouts, and more.



EN - Question 3

No. As of now, the entirety of game updates have been made available for free and it’s safe to assume that this won't change soon.



EN - Question 4

Yes – -5%. Players are able to get their hands on a wide variety of boosts and items via the Station Cash marketplace in PS2, which offers XP boosts, cosmetic and vanity items (vehicle underlights, camouflage, helmets, etc.), as well as convenience items (extra character slots, additional saved loadouts) and more.



EN - Question 5

No. The majority of items unavailable to non-paying members of the community don't convey any obvious gameplay advantage, but just allow for saving time, aesthetically customising characters or gear or simply more convenience. Players are also able to unlock the entirety of vehicles and weapons available with Station Cash/ real money simply by playing the game, which will undeniably take quite an amount of time.



EN - Question 6

No. Customising the UI doesn't cost anything at all and there aren't any extra options for purchase with real-world currency.



EN - Question 7

Yes. Players aren't restricted in any way when it comes to choosing which of the 6 available classes to play as and which of the three empires (factions) to join.



EN - Question 8

No. Given the nature of PS2, trade between players just doesn't take place, which is why there isn't any auction house incorporated.



EN - Question 9

Yes – -10%. Instead of an inventory in the stricter sense of the term, characters initially have access to 2 loadouts and will unlock 2 extra loadout slots as they level up and increase in rank. Characters of paying members have 3 additional loadouts; more are only for purchase with Station Cash.



EN - Question 10

Yes. Everyone is able to freely access any location in the massive in-game world, since the game doesn't restrict players in any way in regards to access to specific zones.



EN - Question 11

No. It's completely free for everyone to enjoy all game content; there aren't any restrictions in place regarding access to what might be considered as end-game content.



EN - Question 12

Yes – +10%. All in all, Planetside 2 seems to be a rather fair game that doesn't force players pay in order to be competitive, although offering subscriptions plans that include several perks and bonuses as well as options of purchasing items or services with real cash. Money seemingly can’t purchase any unfair advantages over free-to-play gamers, due to the fact that the game is designed in a way that skill and teamwork are way more vital than possessing the most expansive weapon.

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Our F2Pmeter test of Planetside 2 results in a nice 80% of free-to-play-ness.

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