How Free-to-Play is Paragon?

Paragon is Epic Games’ free to play MOBA where players battle it out in team-based lane pushing battles using 3rd person shooter camera angles and mechanics. The introduction of verticality into the game sets the title apart from others within the MOBA genre. Paragon is marketed as a true F2P MOBA, but let’s take a look at their business model and see just how free it actually is.

EN - Question 1

No. The title can be downloaded for free for both PC and PlayStation 4, however there are some physical disc versions of the game that act as collectors editions, but otherwise the game can be acquired without paying anything.



EN - Question 2

No. There are no subscription options for the game.



EN - Question 3

No. There are no DLC options for the game, all updates (such as the Monolith revamp) are provided for free.



EN - Question 4

Yes – -5%. Players can purchase two different bundle packs that provide a small number of “Master Challenges” that allow a player to level up a specific hero and gain additional rewards and silver chests that grant Cards (used to customize characters in battle). Master Challenges can be bought for other heroes individual for real cash or through the two currencies: Coins or Reputation. Coins are purchasable with cash and spent in the game to buy various skins and emotes.



EN - Question 5

Yes (but...) – -10%. The only real advantage is through the unlocking of Mastery Challenges as they allow players to unlock a small handful of extra bonus chests when levelling up their character, which in turn can provide cards that help customize a hero. Similarly purchasing Boosts with Coins increase the rate of Reputation and Experience gained, so indirectly allows players to level up and acquire chests quicker. The advantage is EXTREMELY small as there are only a handful of chests available, and all cards can be earned from chests acquired by simply playing matches.



EN - Question 6

No. There are no UI customization options.



EN - Question 7

No. All heroes are playable within the game.



EN - Question 8

No. There is no Auction House system or trading, players can all access the in-game shop area.



EN - Question 9

No. There are no such limitations.



EN - Question 10

Yes. All maps and modes are accessible in the game.



EN - Question 11

Yes. The game doesn’t have any high-end content, all content is accessible.



EN - Question 12

Yes – +10%. The majority of the game’s business model is geared towards paying for cosmetics if they want them, the slight hindrance on chest acquisition through the Mastery System (which CAN still be unlocked by earned free Reputation) is not a major stumbling block. All heroes, maps and modes are playable and so players do not need to spend any cash on the game to enjoy all aspects of it.


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