How Free-to-Play is Farmerama?

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We’re taking a look at Bigpoint’s farming simulator Farmerama, a free to play browser based farming MMO where players are able to build up and grow their farmland, earn XP and coins to advance, unlock plenty of new features and work their way towards building a sublime and efficient farm. The game is free to play, however as we put Farmerama into the F2PMeter, starting at 100% Free, we’ll ask a series of questions reducing its score as we go depending on the answers we find. Let’s go!

Does it require purchasing?


Farmerama can be accessed for free through your web browser.


Does it have monthly subscription fee?

'No' (but...) ― -10%

The game offers Premium Membership options (silver, gold or diamond) which provides numerous benefits from extra boost items, more neighbours to help you out, extra resources and more. However, these Premium Memberships are optional and not required to play the game.


Do you have to pay for expansions and/or DLC packs?

'No' (but...) ― -5%

Some special bundles can only be purchased with cash, such as a Turkish Pack, which provides unique Nasreddin items. Other content and updates are provided for free, such as the Bahamarama expansion that allocates players a new island farm and more content.


Does the game support micro-transactions? Can anything be purchased in-game using real world money?

'Yes' ― -5%

The game has two currencies; Country Coins and Barnyard Bills. Country Coins are used throughout the game to purchase all types of buildings, crops and animals and are earned through play; Barnyard Bills are earned from time to time but is primarily a Premium Currency, which also allow players to buy various supplies, missing resources, buildings and services. Items in the Farm Supplies store can only be bought with Barnyard Bills.


Do micro-transactions give advantages in any way?

'Yes' (but...) ― -5%

Although microtransactions allow players to gain access to things quicker, the game isn’t really competitive and so there’s not much in the way of PVP advantage; it simply allows players to progress faster at a personal rate.


Is full UI customization restricted?


There are no customization options for free to play accounts or Premium Members.


Does the game grant access to all the available races and/or classes ?


There are no alternative races or classes.


Does the game have limitations to how the Market system is accessed?

'Yes' ― -10%

Free accounts can only place ten active offers at the Market, whereas Premium Members can make 20 offers.


Are inventory slots and/or personal bank slots limited in any way?


There are no limitations to inventory or buildable farmland for free to play accounts.


Are all zones accessible without purchases?


All areas are accessible to free to play accounts; some areas are level locked for players but can be accessed immediately by Premium Members.


Is High-end Content (PvP or PvE raids) restricted?


High-end content, such as the Bahamarama area, is accessible for free to all accounts.


Can you fully enjoy the game without paying a single 'penny'?

'Yes' ― +10%

There isn’t much competitive play in the game, so if players are enjoying the game casually then they can get pretty much everything they want or need over time; anyone wanting to get ahead more quickly and has the cash to do so then have that as an option; but it is not required.


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