How Free-to-Play is Crossout?

A team based free to play shooter Crossout allows players to duke it out across the scorched and ruined battlefields of a future Earth at the collapse of civilization. Able to acquire components and resource to craft their equipment, players can build their own fully customizable, imaginative Mad Max style weaponized vehicles and battle through multiple modes and map. Starting at 100% free to play we’re going to ask a bunch of questions, removing points for any answers that sway from the free to play, and give it a final F2P Meter score. Let’s go!

EN - Question 1

No. No purchases are required to play this game.



EN - Question 2

No. There are no options for a subscription.



EN - Question 3

No. The game patches and adds extra content for free instead of charging for expansions.



EN - Question 4

Yes – -5%. Players can buy Crossout Packs and Crossout Coins; the packs give players a bunch of coins along with some additional weapons, cosmetics and vehicles. Coins are used as the primary in game currency where players can trade their looted items through the market and buy and sell with these coins.



EN - Question 5

Yes (but...) – -10%. Easier access to coins means players can acquire weapon and gear components much easier, though the primary advantage is convenience as few of the bundle only items are superior than crafted equipment..



EN - Question 6

No. There are no UI customization options.



EN - Question 7

Yes. Players can access all the available factions for free.



EN - Question 8

No (but...) – -5%. The marketplace does have a tax to all players, which costs them a portion of their Coins, which as they are technically premium (not premium ONLY) currency available for purchase this could be seen as a limitation for players who don’t have easy access to Coins.



EN - Question 9

Yes (but...) – -5%. The warehouse slots are limited and players must craft an expansion item, which increases it by 25 slots each time (up to a maximum of 600 total slots).



EN - Question 10

Yes. All maps are available.



EN - Question 11

No. All features and content can be accessed for free.



EN - Question 12

Yes – +10%. Crossout has a rather different business model, the main premise is that players are constantly trying to acquire loot and resources that they can use to craft equipment, or sell it for coins to buy other components and resources. Acquired loot crates are RNG to give a random item, and so whilst purchasing coins allows easier access to possible resources, the RNG component to crates or the player economy trading doesn’t directly offer a pay to win option. Earning resources through simply playing is very much possible, but the game is exceptionally grindy, so Coins are often a convenience many don’t want to do without.


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  1. Gavin

    I myself aquired all the items that come in the pay pack in just over a week of gameplay. All items in the packs except for the unique player portrait are available to f2p players.

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