How Free-to-Play is Copia?

A browser based free to play MMO RPG Copia is a fantasy themed title where players must recruit and train up their team of heroic companions to battle against the evil agents of the world. In this quest oriented RPG players must level up their heroes and advance through the game unlocking new features along the way to take on increased PVE challenges as well as PVP battles for rank and reward. Whilst the game is said to be free, we’ll ask a bunch of questions starting at 100% free and deduct points along the way for more premium revelations.

EN - Question 1

No. The game is accessible for free through your internet browser.



EN - Question 2

No (but...) – -10%. There is an optional VIP system in place that players can opt to pay into, broken down into weekly or monthly VIP status. Players must spend cash to purchase their VIP status, but also pay cash to increase the level of their VIP, which provides a variety of account boosts and benefits. VIP is increased by using the “Top Up” feature of purchasing Diamonds premium currency.


EN - Question 3

No. The game has no DLC or expansions



EN - Question 4

Yes – -5%. There is a shop where players can spend their Diamonds to gain access to various items that increase EXP gain, boost powerful items, and many more perks. Purchased Diamonds also allow players to refresh certain areas and events as well as replenish stamina used to enter instances.



EN - Question 5

Yes – -15%. Players are able to advance quicker with premium currency and ultimately become more powerful than through simply playing the game for free.



EN - Question 6

No. The user interface cannot be customized.



EN - Question 7

Yes. Players have access to all classes.



EN - Question 8

No. The game doesn’t have a player market/auction system.



EN - Question 9

No. Inventory limitations are not exclusive to F2P accounts.



EN - Question 10

Yes (but...) – -5%. Whilst the dungeons and areas are not limited specifically, the game does have a stamina system in place that uses a characters stamina up each time they enter an instance. Once a player has no stamina they must wait for their stamina to replenish (5 stamina points every thirty minutes, which is a heavy time restriction). Players that have purchased Diamonds can pay for stamina and so can access Dungeons at any time.



EN - Question 11

No (but...) – -5%. As with the above system, certain end-game content elements are restricted due to the stamina system.



EN - Question 12

Yes (but...) – +5%. Players can fully enjoy the PVE content provided in the game, which can be challenging and strategic enough to be entertaining. With an RPG element and storyline that can be explored by players fully, there is a lot to do in the game. However, when it comes to trying to dominate ranking tables in PVE or PVP then paying players are always going to have the edge and generally be more powerful.


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