How Free-to-Play is Atlas Reactor?

Atlas Reactor is a free to play simultaneous-turn based team strategy game where players get to duke it out across various maps and try to out think, out manoeuvre and out-gun their opponents. The game switched up its business model and re-launched as Free to Play title, but let’s put the game through our patent-pending F2PMeter to find out how free it actually is…

EN - Question 1

No. No purchases are required to play the game.



EN - Question 2

No. The game does not support a subscription system.



EN - Question 3

No (but...) – -10%. Players can access the free to play option, which gives them six playable “Freelancer” heroes to play games with. If they want to gain access to all the game features and all the Freelancers from the beginning, they must purchase one of the different bundles, some of which also grant access to some locked games features. However, Freelancers can also be unlocked using in-game currency.



EN - Question 4

Yes – -5%. Players can buy the Loot Matrix chests that can provide boosts, in-game currency and cosmetics such as taunts, banners and skins. Players can also make direct purchases of individual Freelancers.



EN - Question 5

Yes (but...) – -5%. It’s not a cut and dry advantage. Having purchasable Matrix chests then players can occasionally get “GG Boosts” as loot, which give them both Freelancer XP and Flux in-game currency boosts from playing. Both Flux and XP are necessary components to upgrading a Freelancer and purchasing new Mods, which in turn makes the character potentially stronger.



EN - Question 6

No. The UI cannot be customized.



EN - Question 7

No (but...) – -10%. Free players get access to six characters that will change each week and randomly rotate. Players can either buy all the needed characters with a bundle purchase, or unlock new Freelancers with Flux currency that is earned by playing matches.



EN - Question 8

No. The shop is used to purchase Matrixes, though they can also be earned by playing the game and levelling up. Unfortunately free accounts are only able to open up a single chest once per 36hrs.



EN - Question 9

No. There are no limitations to the number of skins you can own.



EN - Question 10

Yes. In game maps are not restricted for free accounts.



EN - Question 11

Yes (but...) – -10%. Ranked matches require a player to own at least five Freelancers; players who have purchased a bundle have access to all Freelancers, free accounts gain one Freelancers once they have completed 10 PVP games, and would then have to purchase the rest with cash or Flux in order to play ranked games.



EN - Question 12

Yes – +10%. The free to play account is potentially a trial account, and it has limitations (such as opening Matrix chests), but players can still enjoy the game and learn how to play with a variety of characters, as well as being able to earn more of them with in-game currency. To get the most out of the game players will likely want to purchase one of the bundles for full access.


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