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Developed by RUSOFTWARE Co. for internet browsers.


Fragoria is a browser-based MMORPG where players start as a Traveler and complete quests for other characters in the game in a fully persistent world inhabited by other players and NPCs.  As the game progresses, players specialize their character by picking sub-classes that are broad at first with the choices narrowing down into a more focused class.  There are over 800+ quests to complete, several dungeons to crawl through with friends and there are also a handful of PvP games to take part in (ranging from simple 1 on 1 duels to full-scale wars with objectives).  Fragoria has an in-depth pet system, an auction house, a mail system, and an extensive crafting system with 4 professions to choose from.


A traveler sails in on a boat headed to Murom in search of adventure and a sense of purpose in life. Quickly, the denizens of Navy's Village come to realize that this traveler is no ordinary adventurer. The witch in Navy's Village envisions that this adventurer will one day become the savior of this dying land.

Animals have gone berzerk, the weak-willed have been bent to serving an evil cause that is greater than themselves, and the strong-willed are in turmoil from the chaos that ensues. The Kingdom of All Powers suffers from terrible hail, blinding blizzards and harsh winds. The Kingdom of Zverobor suffers from constant war and disarray. The Kingdom of Right suffers from dying flowers and vegetations with the constant threat of animals who are forever angered. The Kingdom of Navy suffers from ever-changing naval conditions with sharp periods of drought turning into flash floods at the blink of an eye.
One adventurer will travel down a road that is less-traveled; the road of righteousness, the road that will rally like-minded individuals to help the cause, the road that will set the world of Fragoria right once more.


The isometric 3D graphics based on the latest Flash technology enable a real multi-player experience in direct combat with other heroes. Fragoria is a real-time flash game the likes of which have never before been seen in the browser game environment. It represents the next generation in browser games.


Each player can personally equip their character with numerous objects, clothes and weapons. Through hundreds of quests, the players choose to be gladiators, hunters, wizards or druids. The characters hone their magic powers in seven magic schools, after which they can become other characters with different magic powers or change their own form or characteristics with the help of 100 magic potions.


Internet connection.

Website: Fragoria

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1 Comentarios de Fragoria

  1. Mahaedros

    I have to say, this game had me hooked until i bought ems. It seems that the clickable boxes in game are positioned in such a way so that if you accidentally double click you will unwillingly purchase something you may or may not want with your ems.
    I have tried to get my ems refunded but my requests fall on deaf ears.
    So I recomend this game with a warning. They do not care so much about customer service as gouging their customers for every last drop of money they can get.

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