Forge of Empires has released new information of the player interaction

InnoGames has released additional information regarding the elements of player interaction in its browser game Forge of Empires. Players, divided by the game in neighborhoods of eighty, can decide for themselves to either peacefully cooperate or aggressively compete with each other. Forge of Empires offers ways to achieve either goal.

So, peaceful rulers can visit other player's cities and, while admiring their structure and placement of buildings, either polish decorations or motivate workers for increased happiness or resource outcome. Another option will be more straightforward: Players with an eagerness for PvP can attack their neighbors and then have to face their defense army on the battlefield. Upon emerging victorious, they are allowed evil actions in their neighbor's cities, for example plundering resources.

For the future, features like player trading as well as cooperative and competitive campaigns will offer further chances to make a choice, peaceful coexistence or ruthless battles.

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