Forge of Empires has released its ninth era

InnoGames has just released the Progressive era, the ninth era for Forge of Empires. This extensive content update introduces new buildings, units, quests and features. Also, this Era brings progressive technologies and achievements, such as such as tarmac roads for automobiles, trenches, tanks, zeppelins, two-lane streets and billboards. The progressive era also introduces a completely new world map and single player campaign. All this new features are going to drastically change the vista of players’ towns.

FoE Progreso RW2

In the new single-player campaign, players can support either of the rivaling factions, or strive for a peaceful solution, in a murderous play of power, lies and deceit. Also the campaign features 50 new quests, and contains several key NPCs, like Queen Lydia, General Joffre and Tsar Piotr, to deal with.

FoE Progreso RW1

Fuente de información: Nota de prensa de Innogames

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