Forge of Empires Receives Guild vs Guild Feature

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InnoGames has just released a huge content update that introduces the massive Guild vs. Guild PvP feature aiming at bringing battles in Forge of Empires to another level.

Guilds are now able to take part in large-scale battles for power and control on a persistent continent by gaining and maintaining control of sectors through warfare and negotiation. If successful, they will be rewarded with research or recruitment boosts.

In this newly published trailer, the game designers explain the basics of Guild vs. Guild:

The goal with Guild vs. Guild is to expand your own guild’s territory by conquering sectors from other guilds and ememy NPCs, and defending them against being taken over again. In order to gain control over sectors, guilds not only need numerous armies but also rare goods, allowing peaceful traders to also contribute to their guild’s success.

Guild members who have reached the Iron Age are able to participate and will do their share in conquering a sector regardless of their progress in the game, for resources and troops from different ages are required for each sector. Controlled territory grants a guild XP, which then contributes to its power level. The higher the level, the better rewards and perks all guild members will obtain daily.


Source of information: InnoGames press release.

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