Flyff: new content expansion

Gala Networks Europe has announced the next expansion of the free to play MMORPG Flyff. Act VI: In Between Heaven and Hell is coming to the European players in a couple of weeks and will bring amazing new content to all adventurers in Madrigal.

After the discovery of Harmonin by Harmon Khalder, nobody expected any other major discovery in the near future. It was a huge surprise when the barrier to a new region was broken after the vampire lord Desmodon was defeated. The first scouts were sent out to explore the ‘Valley of the Risen’ and the first reports were that it was stunning: an exotic valley, even more beautiful than Harmonin. But something strange was sighted as well – a dangerous army nobody ever had seen or heard about. Can the heroes of Madrigal defeat this danger before it unleashes hell’s fury upon all mankind?

Besides the new region, Act VI: In Between Heaven and Hell will bring three brand new instance dungeons for mid and high level players. Prepare yourself to aim for level 129 as the level cap has increased. Fight against terrifying monsters up to level 135 in the ‘Dreadful Cave Dungeon’ and you’ll be able to receive the new level 125 armour.

In addition those big features, Flyff Act VI sees the introduction of a new community highlight as mini-guild rooms will be implemented into the game as well as new quests. Furthermore, new Buff Pets will be available to help you pick up the dropped items, some important system changes and modifications to the interface will be integrated, among many other enhancements!

Check here all you need to know about Flyff. And visit its official website.

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