Flyff has released today the Aurora patch

Gala Networks Europe, has announced that the Aurora Patch for its Social MMORPG Flyff will go live today on German and French servers. After Flyff’s complete overhaul in December with the New Beginning expansion, which included new dungeons, quests and much more, the Aurora-Patch will implement even more new features and fine-tune the MMORPG for its best performance ever.

The time has come to visit Flaris again as the town and all NPCs will be completely redesigned. For a better gaming experience players will discover a brand new User Interface including general UI, Chat UI and Target UI. Highly demanded by players, the Aurora-Patch will open the new marketplace: a trading area available for all players to better facilitate the process of exchanging, selling, and buying items among each other. While the new weapon fusion system will allow players to combine and transform their weapons to increase their damage generation and stability, the new item skin function will enable players to merge the most powerful items with the cutest ones.

Together with the launch of the Aurora-Patch, three great events will find their way into Madrigal.

- The “Power Dress Event” already started and will end on the 14th of June. The rules are simple; players need to take a screenshot of their current character and create a picture of how they would like their character to look. The best and most creative ideas will have the chance to win exclusive in-game items.

- From June 7th until July 5th it’s all about music. During the “Music Festival Event” players need to find different coloured music notes and exchange them with an event NPC for amazing rewards. The top prize is a guitar-flying device.

- For everyone just as passionate about soccer as the Flyff team, there will be the “Euro 2012 around the World Event” from June 8th until July 1st. Players only need to print a picture, provided on the Flyff website, and take a picture with it while watching and cheering a soccer game. The best and funniest pictures will be generously rewarded.

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