Flyff: background story of Valley of the Risen

The gPotato team is preparing the launch of the next Flyff expansion Act VI: In Between Heaven And Hell, which was announced recently. To speed up your waiting time, we would like to tell you the story of Desmodon and how it all began.

"Deep in the Valley of the Risen there is a stone gate, an entrance that no one ever saw before. Only a group of Heroes will be able to open these massive doors. But where will the gate lead? Some say it might be the new dungeon, the Dreadful Cave. But how was it possible to discover the new region shortly after the discovery of Harmonin?

It all began when Desmodon prepared for war, not only against the 3 Aspects, but against Rhisis herself, to become the undisputed ruler of Madrigal. To achieve his ambitions, he harvested souls from the battlefields and dungeons of Madrigal and forced them to stay in their rotten bodies, bound to an unholy existence as undead. Desmodon hid them away in the shadows of the Istia canyons. He created a magical barrier of rocks and cursed chains to shield their presence from the gods so he could prepare his invasion in secret.

However Desmodon was a fool. The gods had their eyes and ears on every move he made and his treacherous undertakings did not go unnoticed. But instead of confronting him, they kept him in the dark about their knowledge and waited for their chance to take over his army of undead one day.

So when Harmon Khalder started his mission to explore new territories, Shade seized the opportunity and helped him on his way to Harmonin. Once discovered, Harmonin would attract mighty heroes from all over Madrigal, who would hunt down and kill the Vampire Lord, who was hiding safely inside his underground lair, the Aminus Dungeon. After he was killed, the magical barrier was dispelled and Shade took control of Desmodon's army of the undead, unleashing hell's fury upon all of mankind."

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