Flyff: Act VI -In Between Heaven And Hell- is here

Fans of the free to play MMORPG Flyff can look forward to a new area, new dungeons, monsters and much more with the free expansion Act VI: In Between Heaven and Hell since now.

The power vacuum resulting from the victory over the Vampire Lord Desmodon, didn’t last long. Shade only waited for this opportunity and took over control of the leaderless army of undeads shortly after the end of Desmodon’s reign of terror. Madrigal’s destruction is close and only the bravest and strongest heroes seem to be able to prevent the worst – the end of Madrigal.

With this Flyff expansion, players can experience many new and exciting features. Discover the Valley of the Risen, a new region, and three instance dungeons: The Dreadful Cave, the Rustia and the Wild Rustia dungeons, where already players with lower levels can rise to the challenge defending Madrigal. Furthermore, the level cap has been increased to 129 to face the new monsters, who can even reach level 135 and capture brand new armours. Besides that, the Flyff Community can expect many other features.

Check here all you need to know about Flyff. And visit its official website.

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