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The next Flyff expansion Act V: Cursed Paradise is coming soon and will be available on French and German versions of the game. The gPotato Europe team is proud to unveil new information about the brand new continent Harmonin and the two team-play instance dungeons.

More and more people have entered Madrigal and soon the world will be too small for all its inhabitants. Out of that need adventurers were looking for new and peaceful placesto explore and finally one was successful. Harmon “Farglider” Khalder discovered a new continent which now bears his name: Harmonin.

Set on a tropical island with lakes and jungles, Harmonin hides an awful secret. Exploring the continent and getting deeper into the core of it, adventurers will discover a cruel truth. Many exotic high level monsters ranging from Level 105 to 118 are awaiting the players that are strong enough to fight them.

Are you ready for either the “Animus Dungeon” for players from Level 1to 120 or the “Cursed Animus Dungeon” for players who have reached the Master Level? Hook up with your friends, gather your strength and enter these instance dungeons. Don’t be scared by the evil monsters that will expect you in the depths. Once you have successful defeated them you will be rewarded with a new weapon series, either “Vampire” or “Ancient”.

In addition to the brand new content, Flyff Act V: Cursed Paradise sees the introduction of a revised attribute system, a revised upgrade system and many other new features.

In the meantime, stay tuned and join the Flyff Halloween events that the gPotato Europe team have organized for you and that will start on the 20th October 2009.


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