Fists of Fu exclusive interview

Juanjo 'Tyrannosaurus' de Goya has interviewed Chris Yamauchi, Producer at Outspark, about Fists of Fu. Read the interview below and visit the official website of Fists of Fu.


Juanjo de Goya: It’s a pleasure to interview you. Thanks you for giving us your time. First of all, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Chris Yamauchi: My name is Chris Yamauchi.  I am a producer at Outspark, and I am working on the game Fists of Fu. 

We are here to talk about Fists of Fu. I would to start asking the meaning of the name. Why did you choose “Fists of Fu”? What does it mean?

A: Well, the game contains a lot of different martial arts styles, and of course, is very much tongue in cheek.  We started by thinking about fun words related to martial arts, and fists was one of the top words.  And of course, it was a perfect match to our loveable main hero, Fu.  It’s kind of ironic that Fu is actually a magician and not a fighter, but “Wands of Fu” didn’t sound as cool. 

When is the game scheduled to be released?

A: We are planning on going into our first Closed Beta period in middle-late June.  Based on the feedback we receive from the players, we will make adjustments to the game.  We are planning on launching the full game before the end of the summer.

It has got an interesting graphic style. What age range are you targeting?

Fists of Fu has a really eye-catching anime style, and I really like it.  The graphics will definitely appeal to anime fans, but the core gameplay will keep players of all ages coming back for more. 

How would you describe Fists of Fu within the MMO games genre?

I would describe Fists of Fu as an Action-Arcade MMO with multiplayer brawling. 

Talk to us about special features. Would you dare to say that Fists of Fu is genuine as a MMO game?

A: The game is full of humor (or “humour” for those of your readers in Europe), various classes with their own wicked combos, tons of skill moves, over 60 Epic Armor sets, item crafting, PvP tournaments, 4 player PvE, party systems, and more.  Oh, and the game is totally free to play.  Yes, I would dare to say that Fists of Fu is a genuine MMO game.  You can interact with lots of other players online, sell and buy items from others, join up with raids, form guilds, throw down the challenge gauntlet, and whew, isn’t that enough to start?  Oh, and did I mention yet that the game is totally free?  Yes, well, the game really is totally free. 

What are the minimum system requirements?

A: The minimum specs are P3 1Ghz CPU, 512MB of RAM, GeForce 2 card, Direct X 9.0c, and 1.5GB hard drive.  The recommended specs are P4 1.6GHz CPU, 2GB of RAM, GeForce 8400, DirectX 9.0c, and 1.5GB hard drive.  The game runs well on laptops (how I play) as well as deskptops and home systems. 

Why this game is going to be more fun than others?

A: Fists of Fu is really easy to pick up and play, and it is really funny.  The characters are all very unique, and everyone will outfit their characters with different items and costumes they acquire.  I love the beat-em-up gameplay aspect, as well as the original story we are crafting.  The anime graphics are very bright and complement the range of skills very nicely.  I can honestly say I have had tons of fun playing this game every step of the way since our earliest versions have come in. 

Talk to us about the future. What are your plans in 2010 and beyond?

A: Well, this year I am getting married.  Oh, you mean the game, right?  We are planning on rolling out continual updates to the game, from new classes and maps, to new items, mobs, and more.  Of course, we will have lots of events for players to enjoy.  And one thing I really look forward to doing is getting feedback from the fans of the game on what they would like to see as well. 

Thanks you for your time. It was a pleasure. Do you have something to add?

A: Thanks for taking the time to talk Tyrannosaurus.  Please check out our website for news, trailers, a new weekly comic strip, and more!

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